We Have Words

If you’re a parent, it’s an amazing, and sometimes humbling experience when you learn more about yourself by watching the way your kids turn out.  My son has my brown eyes and brown hair.  My daughter has my facial features to the point where people often tell me that I can’t deny her.  But that’s not really what I mean here.

I have this weird habit that I can only attribute to being my mother’s daughter.  Granted, I watched her do it for 18 years.  But I don’t remember doing it then, and I’m long gone from life under the same roof with Mom.  She can’t let a single newspaper or magazine leave the house without reviewing it thoroughly.  Neither can I.  What if I was supposed to learn something from that? Continue reading



It’s been a rough soccer season.  At the 8th grade level, there aren’t very many teams in the regular league anymore.  The kids have either stepped up to play select, or they have set soccer aside and have turned to something that they can major in.  Soccer is not my son’s first choice.  He LOVES basketball, but his father pushed him into another season of soccer because, well, for us it’s social.  It’s fun to get together with all of the parents of his teammates once a week at a game and either swelter or freeze.  We talk about all things that encompass the lives of our 13-year-boys.

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