We Have Words

If you’re a parent, it’s an amazing, and sometimes humbling experience when you learn more about yourself by watching the way your kids turn out.  My son has my brown eyes and brown hair.  My daughter has my facial features to the point where people often tell me that I can’t deny her.  But that’s not really what I mean here.

I have this weird habit that I can only attribute to being my mother’s daughter.  Granted, I watched her do it for 18 years.  But I don’t remember doing it then, and I’m long gone from life under the same roof with Mom.  She can’t let a single newspaper or magazine leave the house without reviewing it thoroughly.  Neither can I.  What if I was supposed to learn something from that?

I was recently reviewing an old Strength Finder test that I’d taken a number of years ago.  And it was right there.  I collect information.  Mom’s test probably shows the same thing.

My kids have a version of this.  It’s a love of reading, but also an affinity for words.  My son, The Boy, would prefer to spend way too much time video gaming.  BUT if he can get his hands on an interesting book, that trumps everything.  Recently we ordered an early copy of the newest book from Rick Riordan.  We got it in the mail on a Friday and he had a busy social calendar that weekend.  Still he polished off nearly 600 pages by Sunday night.  My daughter is in college now and longing for the days when she used to read for enjoyment.  When she was a tween, I remember taking a load of kids to a midnight book release.  I have a love for Amazon, a weakness really.  The kids know that they can always con me into buying them a book.  And then once I do, I find one for myself too, so that I can save on the shipping.  Of course.

We also share proofreading passion and grammar geek qualities.  Yes it drives me crazy when a word that is merely supposed to be plural has been written with an apostrophe-S.  It’s not a possessive.  It’s not a contraction.  It’s just more than one.  There’s no apostrophe.  Imagine my poor children growing up hearing this?!  No wonder they turned out this way.

The Boy does a lot of day to day proofreading and grammar correction as well.  “Can you clean the cat’s litter box?” I ask.  “Yes, I can.”  And that’s the end of it.  Of course he doesn’t clean it, but he CAN.  He reminds me of that when I ask again.  Yes I’m pretty sure he also inherited annoying from me.

Heather, who I used to work with once told me that her family has an affinity for sharing dorky puns.  I’d say we’re in the same camp.  When it comes to family traditions, family passions, we have words.


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