The Holiday, Traditions, and Endurance

Our family seems to be in a transition era.  It used to be that every Thanksgiving we’d gather at Aunt Norma’s house.  She would cook and bake and hug and tell the best stories.  Uncle Frank had this crazy laugh.  When they lived on the farm, we’d all squeeze into their very small house.  She was so creative with games and ideas, especially when it came to entertaining the kids.  I remember one year we had a hayrack ride.  My cousin Michelle drove the tractor and we had so much family on that hayrack that the front end of the tractor came up.  Isn’t it the crazy stuff that you remember? Continue reading



Sometimes the only way to really understand what opportunity is out there is to just jump. And that’s what I did. I quit a fairly lucrative job about two months ago. It was sucking the life out of me. I was driving about 850 miles round trip most weeks. That’s 13 HOURS of driving. I have a family. I spent all summer doing that goofy commute. And then opportunity knocked. I had never thought about starting my own business, honestly. I’d read the book eMyth a couple of times and starting a business seemed like a lot of work…detail and drudgery. Continue reading

The Battle of the Braces

We knew it would come. And tomorrow’s the day the braces go on. Maybe.

Years ago my daughter went to an orthodontist who recommended braces two different times, but for shorter lengths of time and at just the right time. Well, braces never come at just the right time for a kid, I’m sure…but at the right time developmentally. At least that’s what the expert told us. My daughter’s in college now, long done with her braces and smiling beautifully. Continue reading