Sometimes the only way to really understand what opportunity is out there is to just jump. And that’s what I did. I quit a fairly lucrative job about two months ago. It was sucking the life out of me. I was driving about 850 miles round trip most weeks. That’s 13 HOURS of driving. I have a family. I spent all summer doing that goofy commute. And then opportunity knocked. I had never thought about starting my own business, honestly. I’d read the book eMyth a couple of times and starting a business seemed like a lot of work…detail and drudgery.

But I heard the knock of opportunity. It said “you could have a life.” “You could do more of the things you want to do.” “You could see your family.” “There are more exciting places than Peoria.” “There are more exciting things to do than drive 13 hours a week.” And the opportunity came to be a contract employee for a company where I knew some of the key players fairly well, where I had been a customer under two different circumstances. In addition, I could have other clients. I had little idea who those other clients might be. But as I started sharing my idea with friends, the opportunities materialized. I had four potential clients before I quit. Four organizations that wanted the kind of help I could provide.

I jumped. I made my announcement FBO (Facebook Official). And that’s all it took. My job change news made it into the industry publication from a Facebook change. I changed my position on LinkedIn. And then the opportunity really started. Support from everywhere. People wanted to collaborate. Those who have been down this road offered to help. People I didn’t even really know very well sent notes of congratulations. Advice from all directions. I’m drinking it in. I’m learning while I’m doing what I do best every day. My Strengths Finder says learning is an important part of who I am. I’m learning that what felt scary before feels great now.


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