Life in the Moment

My dad told me the other day that he saw his old friend Fred at Christmas Mass. They shook hands and wished each other a Merry Christmas. It had been a couple of years since they’d seen each other – but they used to work together. Dad admired Fred and on the way home from church, he said to Mom “We need to go out and eat sometime soon with Fred and his wife. They’re such a nice couple.”

Today is Fred’s funeral. He had a heart attack the day after Christmas and died shortly after that. He was 67.

I was cleaning out old e-mails at the end of the year and found one from Jim. Jim had been an advertising rep and called on me when I worked in a company’s marketing department. I remember that he came to town once and wanted to invite me out to dinner. My husband was tied up at work and I couldn’t leave my daughter home alone at that age – so Jim invited my daughter too. I remember how kind he was to her, helping her practice the etiquette of a business dinner. She was just a peanut. Last I knew he was having some health issues. I wondered how he was doing.

Today I read an industry newsletter that announced his death. His funeral is today as well. He was 62.

It helps me to understand the importance of appreciating and living life in the moment. When you have that inkling that you should call someone, or connect with them in some way, thank them, or tell them how much you appreciate them – do it now. In the moment.


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